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Webtv FAQs Part 3

Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about WebTV.®.

Q. Does WebTV work with satellite systems?
A. With the new software upgrade, WebTV will support satellites and PRIMESTAR, EchoStar and DSS satellite receivers. You can still use WebTV Plus' TV Listings feature to see a full week's worth of programming, you can change search for a particular show and use the automatic recording feature for your VCR. Satellite users will, however, still need to use the satellite receiver's remote control and user interface to access certain features, such as pay-per-view events and checking account status.

Q. How does WebTV Plus work with a cable box?
A. WebTV Plus comes with an IR Blaster, which easily connects to your existing cable TV box. Once you're hooked up, you can just use your WebTV Plus remote or optional keyboard and, through infrared technology, control your cable TV as usual.

Q. Can I choose my own Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
A. Yes. You can choose any compatible ISP or use the same ISP you have for your computer. OpenISP is helpful for subscribers who have to pay toll charges to connect to the WebTV Network or already have an ISP for their home computer. For more information about OpenISP, click here.

Q. Can I hook a printer up to WebTV?
A. Yes. WebTV Classic needs a printer adapter and cable,available from Philips Magnavox; WebTV Plus has this built-in. Compatible printers for both systems are the Hewlett- Packard DeskJet 400 and 600 series, while WebTV Plus also supports Canon 200, 600 and 400 BubbleJet printers.

Q. What is a smart card?
A. A smart card is a form of electronic identification that adds extra functionality to WebTV, such as allowing you to access your WebTV account from another unit or conduct electronic commerce. Although smart cards are not yet available for WebTV, both the Internet Terminal and the Plus Receiver will be able to support this functionality in the future.

Q. What do I do when I get my WebTV unit home?
A. Set up is easy and there are instructions in the box, of course. Power on the WebTV unit and WebTV will take you through a simple registration process.

Q. What happens if a phone call comes in while I'm on WebTV?
A. If you have call waiting, both the WebTV® Plus Receiver and the WebTV® Classic Internet Terminal can be set up to allow the call to come through. After you complete your call, you can simply reconnect and return to the same place. WebTV is designed to hook up to your current phone line. If you want to use your phone and WebTV at the same time, you might want to consider adding a second line.

Q. Will I see any special charges on my phone bill?
A. No. In most cases, WebTV is a local call; to verify, please check to see if you have local access. If you don't have local access, you might want to consider OpenISP™ as an option to connect to the WebTV Network.™

Q. Will I still get localized listings if I'm in a remote area of the U.S.?
A. Yes. WebTV detects which area you're in and which cable system you're likely to be using. You can verify and change this information to ensure accuracy.

Q. If I have WebTV Classic, can I access the WebTV® Plus Network?
A. The WebTV Network is only available through the WebTV Classic Internet Terminal, and the WebTV Plus Network is only available through the WebTV Plus Receiver.

Q. Where can I get help if I need it?
A. Once you're a subscriber, any questions you have can be answered in their special customer service area, WeCare Online. WeCare Online can only be accessed using your WebTV Internet Terminal or Plus Receiver & press GOTO and type in Webtv also have Customer Care representatives available at 1-800-GO-WEBTV.