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Recent Posts in Webtv Newsgroups

Ok if you have went to a certain discuss group (I will not reveal the group) yo know there is a hacker who has hacked in Webtv and found stuff he shouldn't access.I will not tell you this guy's url or his name because I do not support this kind of stuff.The responce from that group defending this guy is terrible.I mean if he can hack into stuff and has found hidden secure locations in Webtv what will keep this guy from hacking a user's account?Nothing with the kind of support he got.Don't worry Webtv has been notified and so has his webpage provider.I'm going to say this not to be rude or anything but whoever supports him is crazy and also can't be trusted.Opinions can be emailed to me.No flames.

Another post is from a previewer who has broke his NDA agreement by posting pictures of the preview homepage.I don't support this and he too as been reported to Webtv.I'm sick of previewers leaking info because the features that maybe tested may not make it to an upgrade due to bugs and crashes.This is why Webtv is so secretive towards upgrades.

What is your opinion on this?Email me your opinion Here! . Please no flames.I will post your opinions on a new section.