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Webtv Compatable Uploaders


This service is no longer free but $5 every 2 months.It is a great service made by a Webtv user using cgi script so no computer involved.It gives you the ability to upload,edit,cut & paste,make directories,edit cgi,list files,and other stuff.It is run by Shane who offers great help if you run into a problem.If you have never tried Webup Shane will set you up a demo account for a week so you can use it and see if you like it.

This transloader is free and ran by Anthony.It involves a computer.You get a status page to see how much the file your uploading has progressed.This service offer uploading,editing your page,cut & paste,hex which pulls up all the urls on a site so you can upload them,make directories,upload from pop3 email accounts,and more.Anthony has several help forums with people such as Anthony,Woody,Sue,and others willing to help you with any trouble you may have with the transloader or your homepage.This is for both Webtv users and Computer users.


This uploader is very limited.It only offers an editor and an uploader.I don't recommend this one unless you want to try it out.I recommend the other two uploader above and not this one but can be used by Webtv users.