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Webtv Frequently Asked Questions

Can Webtv download?

No.The Webtv box does not have enough memory to download maybe in a future box of Webtv or a compeditor like the Commador64's .

Can Webtv upload to a site?

Yes but you have to use the Transloader.

Will the Webtv Plus always connect at a 56k speed?

No.Not all of Webtv's servers support a 56k speed and some phone lines don't.Also it depends on how much traffic is on the net.

Can webtv use telnet?


Can I hook up a printer to Webtv?

Yes but the Classic requires a printer adapter.Only certain printer can be used.The classic supports Hewlerd Packerd 400-600 series.(Please excuse the spelling)The Plus supports the same as the Classic but includes Canon printers.

Can I trade my Classic for a Plus?

Sorry no you would have to buy the Plus transfer your account and then sell your Classic to a friend or someone.

Does Webtv support Java and Javascript?

Webtv supports javascript but as of right now does not support java maybe in the future.

How much does Webtv's service cost?

The Plus users pay $24.95 and Classic users pay $19.95 .

What is the slot on the side of Webtv?

That slot is an expantion port that has no use right now.

I have a webpage at Crosswinds but I can't get to their file manager.What is the problem?

Crosswinds file manager uses html 4.0 which Webtv does not support.If you want a file manager I suggest you move your site to wbs if you need unlimited space.

Every now and then I get a white border around webpages that dissables javascript or a solid white page.Why?

These are upgrade bugs that hopefully will get fixed soon until then you'll have to hit reload until it clears up.

How much do Webtv units cost?

the Classic cost $99 and the Plus cost $199 the wireless keyboard cost $50 and the printer adapter for the Classic cost $79.

Why does my webtv turn on in the morning?

The Classic turns on to check yor email at the time you set and downloads a ad for when you logon.The Plus turns on around 5am to download tv listings and check your email.

Can Webtv crash?

Webtv's servers can crash like they have in the past very rare or sometimes it gets hooked in a upgrade loop which can't be broken out of.Other than that no.

Can webtv receive viruses?

No but if you open an email or a post at a newsgroup which has one your unit may turn off,however,I think Webtv fixed this as well.

Can a Classic keyboard work with the Plus and vis versa?

Yes it will work any combanation.

Who owns Webtv?

Webtv was bought by Microsoft a while back.

I recently received spam from a Webtv user.Who do I report ths to?

You should report abusive Webtv users to ,however,Webtv won't let you know what happens.

When will the next upgrade be?

Webtv won't let noone know except previewers who can't tell us.So you really have to guess about this.