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Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about WebTV.®.

Q. What's the difference between WebTV® Plus and WebTV® Classic?
A. Click here to view a detailed comparison of the products and services. Or go to WebTV Plus and WebTV Classic to take a tour of the features.

Q. Who sells WebTV?
A. Both WebTV Plus Receiver and the WebTV Classic Terminal are available at consumer electronic stores. To find WebTV retailers in your area, click here.

Q. How much does the WebTV unit cost?
A. The WebTV Plus Receiver is available starting at $199. The WebTV Classic Terminal is available for $99.

Q. How much is the monthly service?
A. You can click here to find the current subscription rates for WebTV Plus and WebTV Classic. You can pay monthly by credit card or in advance every six months by check.

Q. Are there additional charges for more than one user?
A. No. Each account supports up to six different users per household.

Q. Who manufactures the WebTV Plus-based Internet Receiver and the WebTV Classic-based Internet Terminal?
A. The WebTV Plus-based Internet Receiver is made by Sony Electronics Inc., Philips Consumer Electronics Company and Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics America. The WebTV Classic-based Internet Terminal is made by Sony Electronics Inc., and Philips Consumer Electronics Company.

If you have hardware questions, you can call the manufacturer of your particular unit. Sony Electronics: 1-888-772-7669 Philips Magnavox: 1-888-813-7069 Mitsubishi: 1-800-332-2119

Q. Do I have access to the Internet?
A. Yes. WebTV connects you to the Internet and provides you with tools that make surfing the Net easy and enjoyable. Use the GOTO button,type in the address of the site you want to visit and you're on your way.

Q. How can I keep my kids from accessing certain sites on the Internet?
A. There are two free WebTV features that restrict access to mature content. SurfWatch™ is content-filtering software, and Kid Friendly™ offers a fun, safe and educational environment for children.

Q. Can I read and compose e-mail when I'm not connected?
A. No. At this time, you can't compose e-mail when you're offline. This feature will be added in future updates.

Q. Are Internet transactions secure?
A. WebTV supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the Internet encryption standard. This allows WebTV to offer secure online banking and commerce to subscribers, making transactions and shopping online simple, convenient and safe. In addition, WebTV now offers Terisa Systems' Thin SSL Client, which provides the highest level of protection for electronic commerce with support for SSL versions 2 and 3.

Q. If my television doesn't have picture-in-picture, can I still use WebPIP?™
A. Yes. WebPIP works with any television and enables you to explore your interests on the Internet and watch television without missing your favorite program.

Q. What if I don't have cable. Will the TV Crossover Links™ still work?
A. Yes. You'll still get information on all your local television listings. When you go through the automatic WebTV registration process, the system identifies whether you're using cable or an antenna.